management consulting and finance Teikos style



Orientation towards results

Our management consulting projects are strongly oriented towards the concrete realisation of the solutions proposed and towards the achievement of tangible results: our results are not the product of a work planned in advance or even the simple adaptation of generally applicable formulas, but instead they derive from the study of a tailor-made solution based on our clients’ necessities. The works ends only when the project is fully implemented and “functioning”, because satisfied clients are our best advertisement.

Clients as partners

In most cases we do not feel that we have to teach something to our clients, which are generally real experts in their field, but we are committed to support them in taking their decisions by providing an external and innovative perspective, when compared to the routine and the consolidated certainties.

Teikos works through teams composed of consultants and members of the customer enterprise, in which the former instil their innovative, planning and implementing contribution, while the latter bring the knowledge relative to the business and the company: the combination of these two contributions is of pivotal importance in order to make changes happen and getting the support of the men within the organisation who will be impacted by them.

In a nutshell, the Teikos’s methodology consists of three phases:

  • Preparatory meetings

By holding meetings in the company we acquire ne necessary elements for the formulation of a focused job offer which is tailored on the company’s needs. These information sessions are clearly without any charge or commitment: the client must be convinced to be willing to start the project and must be given the opportunity to evaluate the consultants he will work with.

  • Analysis of the problems and business diagnosis

In conformity with the guidelines established in the job offer, the analysis is developed in the company and concludes with a report to be submitted to the directorate, in which the criticalities and the solutions to propose are highlighted.

  • Implementing interventions

The intervention of management consulting comes from the findings deriving from the analysis and it is carefully discussed with the directorate prior to execution, coming to an agreement on time limits and procedures of implementation of the identified solutions.

management consulting and finance Teikos style