management consulting and finance Teikos

Teikos Group shares a strong result orientation, while maintaining a certain degree of differentiation in the mission of each single location.

We stand by entrepreneurs and managers during their daily work to improve the organisation and the performance, by means of the transfer of skills to people.

Our consultancy services are based on the study of customised solutions, each one developed under the actual needs of the company we collaborate with, also from an operational perspective, until the finalisation of the project.

Teikos works through teams composed of consultants and members of the customer enterprise, in which the former instil their innovative, planning and implementing contribution, while the latter bring the knowledge relative to the business and the company. The synergy between these two key factors is crucial for implementing the changes agreed and getting the support of the men within the organisation who will convert goals and strategies into results.

Being aware of the centrality of human resources in the process of change, we have always supported the strong need to integrate consultancy interventions and training actions, which enable our clients to truly embrace the solutions we have identified and implemented together.

In short, our professional goals are the following:

  • TO BE architects of the change and innovation side by side with entrepreneurs, managers and administrators
  • TO PRODUCE new methodologies and ideas, but especially real and feasible solutions
  • TO GIVE VALUE to the development of human resources as the true critical determinant for the success and the progression of the company
  • TO GUARANTEE to the enterprises full use of the potentialities offered by the tools made available by IT.


management consulting and finance Teikos
management consulting and finance Teikos